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Become a Member

Are you interested in serving your community?  Are you interested in helping others?  Are you interested in making a difference?  For those reasons and countless others, you should considering becoming a member of the Pleasant Hills Volunteer Fire Company.

Being a member of your local fire department gives you the opportunity to provide a vital service to those in your community.  Not only does being a member include responding to emergencies, but you also have the opportunity to perform community services, teach others about fire safety, and numerous other opportunities.

At the PHVFC, we have three types of membership classes available to those interested in becoming part of our organization.


For those 18 and Older, you will respond to emergencies, receive training, as well as perform other duties to serve the fire department.


For those ages 14-18, you will have an opportunity to begin training as a firefighter and begin to familiarize yourself with our organization and our profession.  This is an excellent opportunity for younger people to learn responsibility and community service.


For those that do not want to respond to emergencies, but still want to help the fire department.  You will assist the department with fundraisers, community and public relations events, as well as administrative functions.

For more information or to fill out an application, please call the PHVFC at 412-653-2222 or stop by the fire station Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm or on Thursday evenings.  

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